Saturday, March 27, 2010

It was a Long week...But he is HOME!!!

I know these pix are a lil late but things have been pretty fast paced lately. Have not had much time to take any photos at home yet so here are some from before he left Cinci & some from his couple days home last week...I don't think he has figured out whether he likes his swing or not tho!....

Ayden was trying to figure out Lilly but she didn't want anything to do with it!

So we were in the NICU @ Dayton way longer than we had expected...He finally came home on Friday evening but at least this time he was able to give the correct goodbyes to the people who have watched him grow from an itty-bitty peanut into the big boy he is today!...Although he didn't give the proper goodbyes to his favorite night nurses we are going to make sure to come them (or they come to visit) soon!...I have pictures from his departure that I will post later if I can!....

So since Ayden has finally come home he has not slept much at all. It seems as though his reflux has intensified and he is coughing and gagging when he is laying down. They have upped his dosage of Prevacid since he has gained weight so hopefully things improve soon! He went to his new pediatrician today and he said that he doesn't seem to be grossly delayed so far in spite of all the barriers he has been faced with. It seems as though his sight issue is the biggest problem that is causing him the most delays thus far. Of course this was just a quick assessment from a Doc who has never met him before but I thought it was some good feedback!...We will be getting things set up to attend the developmental clinics and are searching for more early intervention programs as well. As for right now we are prepping for Cinci on Monday and then have lots and lots of appointments set up to get the ball rolling as an outpatient. A new stage of his journey has begun!

p.s: Ayden now weighs 9lb 12oz & we are beginning to retire his newborn clothes!

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  1. Wow, big changes! I know that Audrey had this amazing therapeutic propping chair that she used for a long time with Darbi. It kept her inclined so that her reflux wasn't so so SO bad. Just... so bad :)

    I sure hope he gets to sleeping soon because I know he's not the only sleepless person in your house. Congrats on the promising news from your pediatrician! I look forward to seeing this little guy continue to grown and progress. Love and hugs to you!