Friday, March 12, 2010

Week 31....Improvements!

I know I was late on posting the last blog entry so this one is coming a bit earlier. The day after my last post Ayden was taken off of oxygen & has remained off since. During Ayden's last trip to the OR things went very well. He didn't even need to be intubated for the surgery itself!...Mr. Man is very happy to finally have a clean/bare face but seems to be trying to rub his nose off now. He has been transitioned to continuous feeds to help with weight issues and he has slowly began to gain some of his weight back...He is now up to 8lb 8.5oz... They try to bottle feed 4 times a day but he does not eat well for anyone but me. They said we can start trying to PO all feeds during the day tomorrow and will just use the g-tube for the amount he doesn't take. He will still be on continuous feeds at night but hopefully this will be a reasonable schedule that works for him. Finally having a sense of normality will help us all!

So, he has another bronchoscopy and airway surgery on Monday or Tuesday and if everything checks out well they say we could go home on Wednesday or Thursday!...We will have to come back every 2-3 weeks for check-ups but at least we will have a little bit of relief!...I am trying to not get my hopes up as each time they tell us he may go home there is more setbacks...But, even if we have him home for Easter we will be ecstatic!

He still hasn't had another hearing screen but they have examined his eyes. They said his eyes are unchanged and the eye doctor here at Cincinnati did not even note a cataract. He will be reexamining to see the progress of glaucoma but we are happy to know his ROP has not progressed. He was finally given his 4 month shots tonight and will get his synergist shot next week sometime. This next week is going to go so fast & I am so anxious & nervous to see how things will go!

Crossing our fingers in hopes of good reports and a homecoming in our near future!


  1. Wow! I have chills!!! Great news all around. This is such happy news. I hope this is THE week!!

  2. Wow is right! What great news! It sounds like Ayden really likes Cincinnati :-) Continued prayers headed your way!

    PS He looks great in this latest picture. It's nice tosee his little face!

  3. Way to go Ayden. :-) So glad for good reports. We'll be praying he makes it home soon.

  4. What a handsome little bear. Can't wait for the next update and more good news.

  5. Yeah for Ayden!!! I am soooo happy for all of you!! I will keep reading the updates. Hang in there-You will make it.

    Kathy from Dayton's NICU support.