Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week 27...Hearing tests & an angry boy

So this week has been hectic to say the least. I know it seems as though all I ever have is bad news but really we never get any good. His surgery has been rescheduled 3 different times already. If no further changes are made, he will be going to surgery at 9am on Monday. Aside from surgery plans and upping his calories from 20 to 23, this week there were not any changes made in his care. He is still on Progestimil and hating every second of it. Ayden throws tantrums during nearly every feed and takes less than half of what he is supposed to. He has been steadily gaining weight and so his minimum intake expectation is now 85ccs every 4 hours. The last couple days he will have a good feed and eat 50ccs one feed and then eat only 30ccs the next feed. I think he just likes keeping us on our toes! Today they mentioned finding a similar formula that tastes better or to find a flavoring to put inside of the formula itself. We will see how that search goes within the next couple of days.

The enzymes are still giving Ayden's bottom issues and none of the creams they have been using have been helping. The doctors said they are going to search for a different type of ointment for that as well. Meanwhile, Ayden is now up to 7lb 8oz & is 19.75 inches long...He is just looking so big now!

Last week I mentioned that they had had some issues with Ayden's hearing tests and we were a bit clueless as to what was going on. Well, yesterday they did another screening and they came back to say that he had moderate hearing loss and he will be examined by a doctor. If the next test comes back the same he will be fitted for hearing aids before going home. All of the nurses say that unless the baby is calm and quiet that the test results are not very accurate. During his test Ayden threw a tantrum, threw up profusely, held his breath and bradied for the first time in months. They will be doing another test after his surgery on Monday while he is still sedated. After that exam we should know more about what to expect for his hearing.

Yesterday was probably one of the the worst days Ayden has had in a while. He threw up his entire feed three different times yesterday and over 100ccs of air was drawn off his stomach numerous times. Late last night they ordered a belly x-ray and said that he just had a lot of air in his belly. My question does a baby his size get that much air in his belly? He gets less than 3 oz of formula every 4 hours & 4oz of air is being drawn off of his stomach in between feeds. There is something going on that they are not finding!

So Ayden turned 6 months old on the 5th and I completely didn't mention it in my last post. I did take some photos of him on his big day and I will post them later! I can not believe it has been a half a year since my precious man came into this world!

Wish us luck for Monday! Next week is a big week for our lil man!


  1. My heart is with you. You are one tough lady and Ayden has come to this earth armed with the same stuff. You are the right and perfect mommy for this very special and precious little miracle.

  2. I hope little Ayden's surgery goes well. Also, Braden did horrible on his first hearing test also. I think they all hate it. He had his redone during a surgery as well and all he needed were tubes.

  3. I'll be thinking of you and Ayden on Monday. I sure hope all goes well... It sounds like your little man has good reason to be angry. They need to get their act together and figure out what's going on so he can feel better and I'll be willing them to do that with all my might!