Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Surgery is done...now to recover!

So yesterday was a very long day & I was way too stressed to post anything. I was no stressed that I thought I was hungry and so I ate and ate until I figured out that it was just nerves...I have not done that to that extreme since Ayden was first born. And I wonder why I have not lost enough weight lol...

So, the surgery went just as planned minus one thing or another. They placed the g-tube but did not do the fundo (a band @ the top of the stomach to help reduce reflux). The hernias were fixed without any problems. But while the surgeon was in there he found that Ayden's left testicle was ascending and so they put stitches in and a button to bring it back into place. This procedure went ok but did not last & the botton came off within an hour after being brought back up to the NICU. I guess they will do the same procedure again sometime before the age of two. He got his circumcision as well but it looks very gruesome. He is still intubated, has been given a blood transfusion and is having a hard time with pain. They have upped his fantanil drip and has given him numerous spot doses of 3 different pain meds. They have cathed him and given him numerous bolices to help him get out the urine as well. He is not a happy camper. He has begun to swell quite a bit & seems very uncomfortable...Poor baby boy is having a rough time. We are hoping the pain gets better and he starts to improve soon. Here are soem pre & post opp pix as well as some happier shots from valentines day!



now for some happy pix...

We had a Happy Valentines Day!...look @ my lil cutie pie!

Bath Time b/c he peed all over his real Valentines Outift!
Mad After his Bath!


  1. Aw I love the new pics. He is looking good. I'm glad the surgery is over and hopefully in a few days Ayden will feel much better. :-)

  2. He is just such a cute, squeezable little thing! That picture of him screaming at you is really funny! He is so. ticked. off!! I just want to kiss him! You know... with a dozen face masks on, through a glass window. I'll keep all my germies to myself and imagine what a smooch on that sweet squishy little face would be like!! It looks like he must love you holding/rubbing his head!