Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Extubation failure & chest compressions

So, literally minutes after posting my last blog post the doctors decided to attempt to extubate Ayden. They said that he was breathing over the vent and they thought he could do it without it. OOOHHH but were they wrong!... First they just let him breathe with a form of cpap through the tube to see if he would breathe before they took the tube out. He seemed to be taking breaths even through the small tube they had in. When they took out the tube he did not breathe. He clinched down his airway and held his breath. The RT prepped to reintubate and attempted to take a look @ his airway. When looking she could see nothing and could not secure a path. Ayden was clenching down his airway and there was another obstruction that they could not identify. Ayden's heartrate dropped as he held his breath and he began to turn grey and purple...So many people rushed to the bedside that I was guided out of the way and taken to another room to calm down. After numerous tries from the RT & the neonatologist they were finally able to reintubate. But, when I was taken away Ayden's heartrate dropped to 0 and they had to perform chest compressions for a little over a minute. I thought this type of stuff was over!...This was definitely a big setback!...We will definitely not be going home within the next 2 weeks!

So, orders for a Pulmonology screen and an ENT(ear, nose & throat) exam have been placed. Hopefully with the next week pulmonology will help us understand what the obstruction in his throat is. (the Neo seemed to think that it was some kind of calix that has formed--calices near the trachea are more cauliflower shaped rather than flat). The ENT exam should tell us more about his hearing issues as well...We are crossing our fingers in hopes that it is just fluid that is causing the interference.

Meanwhile, Ayden has began to swell pretty bad and his lil manhood seems to be taking the worst of it...With all of the swelling his urine output had been dangerously low but has begun to increase and he has been pushing his catheter out with his urine. I guess this is a good sign.

So, there is not many signs of relief and our excitement for him to come home soon has been depleted..We definitely have more questions than answers right now....Poor lil' man can never get a break...Will he ever be able to come home?


  1. I am so sorry y'all have had such a rough day. Some of the things Ayden has gone thru are so familiar to me. Especially this post... Keeping y'all in our prayers.

  2. What. A. Day. Sigh..... oh wow. I'm sending lots of air hugs and kisses your wait tonight!

  3. So sorry things have to be so complicated for the little guy. I hope today is easier, and tomorrow and the next day even better!

  4. I am a mother of a preemie also.
    I actually started reading your blog after another preemie mother posted your blog link on her blog.
    I pray for you and your son Aayden DAILY!
    I have also posted your blog link on my facebook page as I have many christian friends that will also be praying for your little miracle.

    Kelsie's MOM

  5. Found you looking for micropreemie info on the internet. I want you to know that I feel for you. My son was born at 23-weeks and I know the devastating toll it takes on you as the mother as well as the rest of the family. My son is almost 7 now and still a flood of emotions when I see others going through this. You are in my prayers! Misty and Cameron