Saturday, April 10, 2010

Week 35....Eating all but the bottle!

This past week has been pretty amazing. Ayden only had one doctors appointment this week and so we finally got to spend more than a couple days at home with him. I think he has finally adjusted & doesn't seem to get as overwhelmed by noise as he had been. For some odd reason he resists taking a bottle even more when there is a lot of noise around. He doesn't mind the sound of the TV but if there is conversation going on he refuses to eat. Of course this isn't the only time he refuses the bottle but noises surely do speed up his frustration with bottle feeding itself. I had hope that his feeding issues would resolve as his airway issues were handled but to no avail. Some feeds he refuses to even let the nipple go into his mouth while other times he will suck down about an ounce & then be done with it. I really don't understand how it all works or what is causing all of the feeding issues. He surely doesn't have an oral aversion. He is infatuated with his binkie and his hands. He has now progressed into grabbing anything he can get his hands on and putting whatever it is into his mouth as well. The cannula seems to be one of his favorites at the moment. He has been ripping the entire cannula off of his face and stuffing as much of it into his much as he possibly can. I am convinced that he only allows the cannula to do its job about 10-15% of the time as even when i check on him at night he either has it in his hand cuddling with it or he has found a way to pull the prongs into his mouth. He is just such a character already!

Just let me tell you how spoiled he has already gotten....When his daddy is home he acts like a perfect lil' angel...Will sleep mostly through the night and doesn't fuss a whole lot during the day....When daddy isn't around its another thing...He likes to keep me on my toes for sure!....He will be up all through the night and day unless I am holding him or at least holding his binkie in for him. Even if he has been sleeping in my arms for an hour if i go to put him in his pack & play he will wake right up and funny b/c he knows he has me wrapped around his lil' finger but its soo not funny when it concerns just how exhausted it makes me. Hopefully he will lighten up on me soon!

As for medical stuff...Ayden visited a new pulmonologist this week who was pleasantly surprised how "good" his lungs looked for a former micro-preemie with chronic lung disease. The doc didn't change anything & we will not have to go back for another 2-3months unless there are complications!....This week coming up will be much more eventful than last as he has visits from Help-Me-Grow, and BCMH and he has go to back to Cinci on the 14th for another airway scrapping. This every 2 weeks seems a bit much right now but I'm sure we will get in a routine pretty soon. Ayden also has an opthomology appointment, his next set of shots, and appointments with his GI doctor this month. We are still waiting to hear back from the developmental clinic to see about getting the assessments that will determine how far behind he is and just how much therapy he will need. We are very anxious to know the answers to these questions!

Growth Update: Ayden now weighs 11lb 2oz & is 22.25 in long!

I promised some new pix and so here they are :-D

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  1. Goodness, me, these pictures are so great! What a cute little miracle you have on your hands! What a silly little boy. I can totally picture him gnawing on his cannula! He certainly has staked his claim on his, mama, hasn't he? He wants you to enjoy him every SINGLE minute of the day and night :)