Sunday, August 29, 2010

55 Weeks old:...Chemo is helping!

This past week Ayden had his routine airway procedure and actually was given a positive outlook. I knwo its not a big change but instead of every 2 weeks, we are able to space his procedures out to every 3 weeks. We are so excited!...Since ayden was released from the hospital we have had to cope with having an abundance of appointments every other week to ensure that the week of his airway procedures has nothing scheduled after the procedure to allow for recovery time. This means one week is filled with appointments (sometimes 3 appointments in one day) and the next week is filled with preparing for the trip to Cincinatti, the stay there and the scheduling of the next weeks appointments. With this change in regimine it just may mean more time at home!

Meanwhile this week Ayden had his 12 month checkup at his pediatrician and actually had some positive news there too!... Ayden is now 18lb 2oz and 27inches long...This puts him in the 50 percentile for his weight, 25 percentile for his length and 30 percentile for his head circ. for his adjusted age!... Yay!...hes finally on the chart!..Evidently they were comparing him to babies with his actual age when they were telling me he was still too small!

The bad part of the visit was that it turned into a sick appointment and more labs were drawn and being sent for another chest xray...And to no avail!...There is no additional infection and no additional lung/pulmonary issues going on. Meanwhile he was spiking a fever between 101.5 & 102.5 for 3 days. I guess hes allowed to have a fever acroding to three different doctors!...A surprise to me! hasnt had a fever for 36 hours now though so seems like it was just from the previous issues or from teething. Who knows?

Anyways...Since I have been slacking here is Aydens first year photos I took of him that I promissed!

He is such a ham!...I love it so much!


  1. He is just SO adorable!! Thanks for sharing your lil guy with us!! I am a new follower from the blog hop. Would love to see you come visit at my blog when you get a chance!


  2. you are taking great photos! glad to see A is doing better!